About the Teacher Center of Cheektowaga


The Teacher Center of Cheektowaga is an established teacher resource and computer center funded through a state legislative grant administered by the New York State Department of Education. It represents a fresh approach to professional development. Through needs assessments, surveys, program committee recommendations and ambassador input the director plans activities which meet the specific needs of the education staffs served by the Center.

The Teacher Center of Cheektowaga is a consortium center composed of 650 staff members from 16 buildings who represent 4 public school districts and 1 non-public school:

  • Cheektowaga Central SD
  • Cheektowaga Sloan SD
  • Cleveland Hill SD
  • Maryvale SD
  • Mary Queen of Angels
  • New Creation Fellowship Academy


As a consortium center, TCC has identified itself as an outreach staff development service which provides a variety of services throughout the 16 buildings as well as in the Center facility itself. These services include:
  • Courses, workshops, and in-service training in topics - aligned with our Expected Program Outcomes.(see below) Referral to specific consultants for support is available.
  • Equipment Grants - specific pieces of equipment such as computers, laptops, LCD projectors, and digital cameras are available for loan.
  • Laminating and Materials Production - our Materials Production Lab has an extensive inventory of Ellison dies and die cut machines, poster printer, hot and cold laminators, binding equipment, color copier, and a button maker.  A modest fee may be charged for materials produced after an allotment is reached.
  • Professional Resource Library - literature related to instructional strategies, cooperating learning, students at risk, learning styles, societal and health issues; videos for professional and classroom use; audio tapes for training purposes.
  • Share Groups - professional circles and training series which address specific curricular areas.  Our 9 successful share groups are BIOSHARE, CHEMSHARE, ESL-MIDDLE-HIGH SCHOOL,  ESL-ELEMENTARY LEVEL,  GET THE FACS, FLAPPERS, MATHSHARE, and CASL - CONSORTIUM FOR ADVOCATES OF SPEECH AND LANGUAGE.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Teacher Center of Cheektowaga is to provide programs, personnel, work areas, and the human and material resources necessary to meet both the immediate needs of our constituents, as well as long-range statewide goals and desired learning outcomes. Our teacher center is a dynamic enterprise which addresses six needs:


(1) Professional Growth

(2) School Climate / Motivation

(3) Communication

(4) Technology

(5) Education Reform

(6) Emerging Needs


Program Outcomes


1.1 Participants will receive current information on effective instructional techniques and strategies. INSTRUCTIONAL
1.2 Participants will receive current information and resources related to their specific fields of study. CURRICULUM
1.3 Participants will receive training in their specific fields of study. CURRICULUM



2.1 Participants will receive and may incorporate information about social, emotional and environmental factors that affect student learning. CLIMATE / LEARNING



3.1 Participants will receive information on professional opportunities. BRANCHING OUT / NEWSLETTER / ANNOUNCEMENTS
3.2 Participants will use information and skills for the purpose of facilitating networking. SHARE GROUPS / PROFESSIONAL CIRCLES / WORKSHOPS



4.1 Participants will receive information and skills in the use of the computer as an instructional tool. COMPUTER
4.2 Participants will receive information and skills in the use of the computer as a management tool. COMPUTER
4.3 Participants will receive information and skills in other types of technology applicable to the school environment. OTHER TECHNOLOGY



5.1 Participants will receive updated information relative to systemic reform resulting in raising standards, addressing curriculum frameworks, building capacity, and reporting results.



6.1 Participants will receive information and skills relative to local district and educational Emerging Needs as they arise.



Maryvale Schools

1050 Maryvale Drive - Room 240

Cheektowaga, NY 14225

Phone: (716) 632-1042     Fax: (716) 632-6169

Director:  Gloria LaSota