This program listing announces several professional growth activities sponsored by your Teacher Center.  To alleviate any confusion regarding participation, please follow these guidelines:

Teacher Center activities are available to ALL staff members in our consortium.

COURSE FEES for 2017-2018 will be determined course by course.  Please check the "fee" section of each course listing.  If there is a fee, it must be sent into the Teacher Center before the class commences.  Check should be made payable to The Teacher Center of Cheektowaga.

ALL PARTICIPANTS must send a SEPARATE REGISTRATION FORM for each individual activity.  Only INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATIONS will be processed.  Course registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please print the registration form by clicking on the link at the bottom of the course listings.


No written confirmations will be sent out.  You will be notified ONLY if the course you selected is cancelled, postponed, or full.  Cancellation notification will be accomplished by E-MAIL OR PHONE.

Minimum and maximum class sizes are still in effect.

Participants who cancel or do not show up for a class will jeopardize their enrollment in future classes.  Their registrations for future classes will NOT be accepted until ONE day prior to the class date and will be accepted ONLY if an opening exists.   Teachers cannot substitute for each other or sign up for each other.

Certificates of completion for CTLE Clock Hours are sent to each participant at the end of the first and second semesters.  The policy of granting credit is handled by each individual district.  Participants should process "prior approval" if required.  Only registered participants will receive Certificate of Completion forms.





4:00-7:00 PM


Three-dimensional printing as an emerging technology is a reality.  This class includes basic instruction operating the ROBO 3D-Printer and the software that runs it, Matter Control.  Learn how to manage a 3D-Printer, download and import 3D models, or create your own.  There are many options available; most manufacturers and public agencies have on-line tutorials and videos.  This class will help you identify the various sites.  The 3D-design software market is growing, and many products are supported by a variety of operating systems.  Software can be curriculum-specific.  This is a cutting edge machine that can enhance many different classroom subjects and allow you to offer students a new outlet for creativity.  Teachers will be able to make a 3D model suitable for their classroom curriculum.


Please register on line with Gloria at  and follow up with your registration fee via US mail.
Use the registration form on the website


Locati           Teacher Center of Cheektowaga

                      Maryvale High School, Rm. 240

Clock Hrs.:    3 CTLE Clock Hours   

Fee:               $9

Instructor:      Chris Behrend

To register for any program use the registration form which can be found under "registration" in the side bar above, or
contact Gloria LaSota at the Teacher Center of Cheektowaga at  

The Far West Network of Teacher Centers


Professional Learning Opportunities 2016-2017

The Far West Network of Teacher Centers offers several professional learning opportunities for teachers in Western New York.  This collaborative effort features workshops throughout various participating centers across the Far West Region.

All courses are FREE

Register at

Get Ready for the 2017 Great American Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017 the shadow of the moon will pass across the US making a line from Oregon to South Carolina. August 21, 2017 is going to be a BIG deal, and we want to help you get ready. It is estimated that 50 million people will be able to witness “totality” for a few minutes as the moon completely blocks the sun. While Western New Yorkers will only be able to witness a partial eclipse, it will still be remarkable as about 75% of the sun will be obscured by the moon. Join us to learn about how eclipses happen, what to expect, and safe methods for viewing the eclipse. We want to empower you to become eclipse experts so that you can prepare your students to make the most of this remarkable event.  In this Make-And-Take workshop you will make a viewer to safely view the eclipse--great Makerspace Project!    2 hours of CTLE credit.

Instructors: Mark Percy and Dr. Kevin Williams

Date: Thursday, April 20, 4:30-6:30pm

Location: SUNY/Buffalo State’s Ferguson Planetarium

For more information about Teacher Centers, please visit our website:


Please report to class on time.

Do not bring papers to grade during classes/workshops.

Do not bring meals to class with you.  Please plan for dining before or after class.  It is understandable that you might need a snack to hold you over until mealtime, but large food items such as Chinese food, subs, pizza, and salads should not be eaten while a class/ workshop is being held.

Avoid socializing with your colleagues while the instructor is teaching.

Please put your cell phones on vibrate or mute during class time.  Please, NO TEXTING or surfing on iPhones or iPads or other electronic devices.

Do not use a laptop computer, iPad, notebook or cell phone unless you are in a technology class.



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